domingo, mayo 31, 2009

Full Circle

The first time... you don't fucking know. What comes next is a mystery, but you'll be expecting something your brain has stored before. Then the feelings will show up and make you change in a new way or get you to a previous location in your memories. Anyway, the fact is going to change you.
In the end, it will fill your mind and you'll want more, unless the experience resulted negative. In that case you can try other styles until the success brings you happiness.
For the ones that can repeat soon, the sensation will be more intense with every iteration. Of course, if you don't put some effort... it will be like any other trivial stuff.
Well, besides all this shit...
mmm... interesting couple of words: “this shit”... just switching 2 letters and they are the same!

...OK...besides all this shit, sometimes IT is perfect, an no one can deny it, so go ahead and try as much as you can... and ENJOY!


miércoles, mayo 20, 2009

Haiku 3

Mi tierra cubre,
los días y las noches,
la lluvia fresca.

Poema Haiku invernal... más o menos :D